Your security is our top priority 

QoreAI is built for our enterprise automotive clients and has been focused on enterprise-grade security since day one.

The communication your team is sending via email, text, chat today is not very secure. We know that far too often; too little thought has been given in enterprise dealership organizations around data privacy and security.

QoreAI is built to accelerate your sales cycles and drastically improve security and communication channels in place with your existing customer and shopping clients. QoreAI enables end-to-end admin, end-user, and client controls. We have active logging, content access controls, and secure all data and information with the following core policies below.

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Data Center and Application Security

QoreAI is hosted in Amazon data centers, running on Amazon Web Service (AWS). These data centers provide 24/7 physical security 24/7, several layers of redundancy, and protection from natural & manmade disasters, and more, to ensure your data is safe. Read more about AWS security here. QoreAI is hosted in Amazon data centers, running on Amazon Web Service (AWS). These data centers provide 24/7 physical security 24/7, several layers of redundancy, and protection from natural & manmade disasters, and more, to ensure your data is safe. Read more about AWS security here.

Unique, Hashed URLs for Workspaces

Each QoreAI customer-facing workspace (webpage) is represented in a hashed string. These pages are purposely not searchable or indexed by search engines.

Customer Access Controls

QoreAI puts access controls in the hands of our customers, for the benefit of their clients, like no platform has before.

We’ve developed several key features to make this happen, including instituting client identification requirements, to ensure only those you want looking at your deal pages lay eyes on your content, and that key actions are logged upon entering the workspace. Pages are also able to be uniquely password-protected for the security of both you & your customers’ data.

Full Audit Logging and Tracking

QoreAI fully tracks and logs everything a customers views and/or downloads in your workspaces, and posts them chronologically in the comments section of the workspace.

Daily E-mail alerts are also sent out as clients view different pages, across your different workspaces. Logging & alerts are also in place, when someone tries to view a Recapped workspace, but does not fully identify themselves and/or enter the required workspace password. In this way, we ensure your sensitive data, content, and other sensitive information like pricing, never falls into the wrong hands.

QoreAI also maintains internal system authentication & access logging, changelogs, and more internally, to ensure every key action is documented internally.

Team Permissions and User Access Controls

A multitude of team permissions are able to be controlled by the QoreAI admin(s), including but not limited to: team member access controls, workspace messaging viewing rights, public/private template creation, team template creation, content library upload rights & permissions, and executive insights.

QoreAI also offers a multitude of user log-in & authentication options, including but not limited to single sign-on (SSO) across Okta, Google, and/or LinkedIn.

Robust Notifications Engine

QoreAI provides a robust notification engine that sends out both real-time and daily summary alerts, any time a QoreAI messaging workspace is viewed (including the specific content), files are downloaded, and even alerts the user when an attempt is made by an outside party, but the user does not identify themselves via Client ID and/or password.

Network Security

QoreAI employs multiple safeguards to protect your information and prevent any interception of information between your client and our servers. All network traffic runs over enterprise-grade 256bit SSL/HTTPS, the gold standard for communications occurring over the Internet.

Robust Notifications Engine

QoreAI’s technology team institutes regular & active penetration tests, third-party audits, as well as active upkeep on SOC1, SOC2, and other compliance certifications. We also maintain a current list of all subprocessors. We operate with a level of transparency to active customers & have this documentation available upon request, with an NDA in place.

QoreAI understands that our customers trust us to help run their sales process, shopper and customer engagement and more. That level of trust is the fundamental cornerstone of our platform.

That’s why from day one, we’ve ensured security and compliance is our top priority, above all else. We employ industry-standard best practices, have deep processes to ensure data security & run on industry-leading providers to ensure that our clients, and their customers’ data is safe and secure.

Security & Compliance

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